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Happy Birthday Everyone born in August! (Peridot Birthstone Family)

Christopher Augmon

Posted on August 02 2020

Happy Birthday to everyone born in August!! August Birthstone (Peridot) Unlike other birthstone gems, has a long and important history. Unlike the other gemstones, peridot is only found in one color – a vibrant lime green that is the perfect complement to any style or wardrobe, and to represent those born in the summer month of August.

There are a few differences that set peridot apart from other gemstones such as how it is formed. While most stones are formed in the Earth’s crust, there are two exceptions- diamond and peridot.

These two stones form much deeper in the Upper Mantle,( Upper mantle material which has come up onto the surface is made up of about 55% olivine and 35% pyroxene and 5 to 10% of calcium oxide and aluminum oxide.

The upper mantle is dominantly Peridotite, composed primarily of variable proportions of the minerals olivine, clinopyroxene, orthopyroxene, and an aluminous phase), between 20 & 55 miles deep for peridot, and 100-150 miles deep for diamond! Isn’t that too cool!!!! But wait……. peridot stones have also been found in meteorites that have traveled through space and landed on Earth!

Peridot’s history dates back to ancient times, at least 4,000 years and especially in Egypt, however no one truly knows how old peridot is. This is because up until the late 19th century, peridot was very commonly mistaken for emerald. The first recorded findings of peridot gems were on the volcanic island of Zabargad, located in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt.

I wish you all the best on your special day. Stay safe and healthy!!




  • Ashlei Tiffani: August 31, 2020

    Thank you for providing this insight on the August birthstone, it was very informative and makes me appreciate my birthstone far more. I only used to pay attention to color and lime green is not my favorite. Peace and Prosperity to you!

  • Frey Faris: August 02, 2020

    Hi Chris, your designs are absolutely beautiful. You should think about including African high end products too many be sometime down the road. Many blessings.

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