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Number three... "What is fashion"?

Christopher Augmon

Posted on August 20 2017

I come across people all the time that ask me about fashion; how do I identify fashion or want to be in the business of fashion?..Fashion is more than a trend, fashion is a lifestyle. Fashion is knowing who you are and choosing designs that fit who you are or who you want to be that day or moment. It is being intentional about your wardrobe or style. but for people that don't know you, appearing to be unintentional in your style as it may look flawless. Fashion is inner beauty that resonates on your outer frame and core. Fashion comes in several shapes and sizes. Fashion elevates, it is not selfish or exclusive to a certain, gender, group, culture or aristocrat. Fashion can be obtainable by all, but make no mistake it takes effort. knowledge and time..for some it might come easier than others.. but at the end of the day we all have the ability to be fashion. CA-18k "Fashion that Gives Back"

Christopher Augmon


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