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About Christopher Augmon

Christopher Augmon is the Creative Director and CEO of Christopher Augmon Designer Jewelry; 18k Fine Jewelry Collection, CA Custom Bridal Rings/Wedding Bands, CA Silver Jewelry Collection, CA Custom Fine Jewelry, CA Custom Luxury Handbags, CA Christopher Augmon Designer Fashion and CA Christopher Augmon Corporate Gifts. 

The mission of my company is to inspire and give back through fashion, cause and community. The Passion of what I do evolves from giving back and making contribution to the community as this is not only necessary for me as a designer, but heals me, and is my appetite for life. Helping create collaborative entrepreneurship in underserved communities is the sole purpose of my, company, designs and collections.  

My clients continue to buy from me because all my designs show inspiration, uniqueness, great quality, timelessness and attention to detail. My “18k Coffee and Concierge with Chris” service and my ability to adapt and collaborate with clients on unique designs offer not only a great experience but an amazing design made just for them. (for more information on this service..email ca18k@augmon.com)

We also make sure that we give back and make measurable contribution to our communities. Over the years we have given back to several underserved youth organizations and cause related non-for-profits. I am originally from Kansas City Mo, but have resided in Chicago for more than 20 year and spent lots of time in New York. “I love Chicago, but my heart is in New York”

I have been featured in more than 25 local and national magazines, several local and national TV networks; collection in more than 30 boutiques around the country, and recent CA Fine Jewelry collection was launched at Bloomindales department trunk shows. Celebrities that have worn Christopher Augmon collections include Zoe Saldana, Derrick Rose, America’s Next Top Model and several other celebrities. 

My fine jewelry and accessory designs are inspired by global architecture, nature, and conversations from multiple cultures from around the world triggering creations. “The inspiration of my collection infuses Classic, Trendy, Street and Edgy themes and designs that come from the in­fluences that culture has played in my life. Having been exposed to many different cultures and ethnicities, I’ve come to appreciate, embrace, respect, and value the richness of a variety of cultures,” said Christopher Aug­mon. “Along with these cultural influences is my passion as a designer”.

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18k (logo) 18k Collection is Dedicated, Inspired by uplifting Youth in Youth in Underserved Communities. 

“My18k Fine Jewelry Collection is inspired and dedicated to all youth, in underserved communities from around the world as the 18 reminds me of youth. I have volunteered serving youth in underserved communities for more than 25 years, thus the creation of my sale line of my company “Fashion that Give Back”; also inspires other to “give back”. My 18k Fine Jewelry collection is very wearable, minimalist while delivering high qual­ity, fashion, style and some extraordinary statement pieces. i.e.  My 18k Fine Jewelry Collection comes in Fine jewelry ear rings, neck­laces bangles, bracelets are literally 18 Karat Gold with my CA initial on the K”.

Minimalism, tribal, exotic, and statement designs are my muse. However, I want my clients to wear my designs, not to have my designs wear my clients. Combined, they are the sources of my ideas and my ability to create exciting, new looks in fine jewelry and handbags that fulfill consumers’ needs for uniqueness, style, edge, individuality, function, and timeless fashion designs. I also take inspirations from fashion designs during the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. When clients wear my designs I want women to feel and look fem­inine and men masculine. My designs are wearable, unintentional fashion pieces that articulate trend and style.

CA Christopher Augmon Fine Jewelry Collection is inspired by the City of Chicago, landmarks and other cities from around the world. The collection brings together unique styles of culturally diverse and authen­tic Chicago neighborhoods, landmarks, and music. The vibrant culture of Chicago is expressed through the col­lection’s artistic and eloquently composed fine jewelry items available in 18 Karat Yellow, White, and Rose Gold, with a variety of gems and diamonds to choose from.

Christopher Augmon has also modeled with various companies. These include Bloomingdale, Ralph Lauren, The Jones Store Company, Sears, and Hallmark Cards. Because of these experiences, Christopher Augmon is familiar with the fashion industry and trends. Most importantly is his understanding of the consumers’ de­sire for “classically unique” distinctive looks, especially when it comes to handbags.

“I started passionately designing leather apparel in 2008. I decided to focus on high-end luxury designer handbags for women and men three years ago, fine jewelry four years ago with Fine Jew­elry Line of wedding bands, in gold, platinum, diamond jewelry bearing my logo “CA”.

I took costing classes at the Apparel Industry Board Inc., but basically (with a lot of hard work) learned handbag and fine jewelry de­signing “organically” by taking several trips to New York City, submerging myself with New York and fine jew­elry and handbag contractors and seeing women and men, especially in the Midwest, wanting great quality, unique, fashionable designs that could be worn in all seasons and for multiple occasions. I also networked, researched and learned handbag leather, textile, met­als, gems, diamonds and plating hardware applications from Los Angeles, China, India and Italy. Christopher Augmon fine jewelry and luxury handbag can be found at augmon.com. For more information or custom orders email ca18k@augmon.com