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I’ve worked with Chris for over 20 years. I admire his passion and dedication to detail and delivery of the best product possible (even when there were times when I felt I had more than enough ☺). He takes the time to listen to your needs and meticulously identify products that match the moment and the occasion. With his incredible creative vision, he has created amazing classic pieces of jewelry for me that turn heads and garner many compliments. When I decided to get married, he was the first person I called to help me design the perfect engagement and wedding ring.  It turned out to be a stunning piece of art that exceeded my expectations. My wife always gets amazing compliments on her ring whenever we are out and about. I enjoy working with people who are dedicated and passionate about their craft. That’s Chris in a nutshell. You wont regret working with him for any special need or occasion.

K. Griffin...New York, NY


"Christopher Augmon takes his craft seriously, with great attention to detail and style.  He makes sure I have a wonderful client experience.  The custom design thorn and rose jewelry items he has done are beyond my expectations and so beautiful to wear." 



"You are an amazing designer, entrepreneur and person! So proud to wear your designs"

Monica Patankar..........Miss Illinois of American.Actress.Model.Attorney. Notre Dame Law


"Chris and I collaborated on this beautiful custom ring, it turned out better than I imagined. The interesting shape coupled with yellow diamonds makes it unique and delicate yet it can be worn everyday. I love jewelry that’s unusual and versatile exactly like my ring. Get ready for many questions and compliments"!

Anita Jenkins


"Christopher Augmon's designs are elegant and modern. His designs can be worn with a t-shirt and jeans or to a gala supporting your favorite charity. Christopher is an artist who gives his clients a luxury experience, he is someone who takes great pride in his work. In addition to his craft, Christopher is a person who gives back to his community, and who has compassion and love for the world around him". 

Katie List


Christopher Augmon's designs exude elegance and sophistication. They are brilliant extensions of a brilliant creative and philanthropist who takes fashion as seriously as the causes and communities that he supports. The fashion industry needs more designers like him. 

Elise B.


“I meet Christopher Augmon at NY fashion week, his designs and fashion accessories are innovative, multi-generational and multicultural with both casual and dress attire. He is a trend setter who’s fashion will always remain relevant, I love his attention to detail and he always comes through when I need him”.

Jamar Hart… Celebrity Stylist NY-LA  


Let me first just say that I love leopard print and I own both a belt and clutched by Chris.  Both timeless items.  I also love that he works with snake skin. He designed a bespoke rose brooch in snake skin that I adore.  Such a driven, talented local designer.  



I love working with Chris! He made a custom clutch for me that exceeded my expectations! He also designed jewelry for me that initially took me out of my comfort zone then afterwards I completely loved! He has a keen eye for what you personally need and what will take your look to another level. He’s a custom designer extraordinaire! Fashion forward! Visionary! 

Michelle  Ester 


We love Christopher Augmon:

We have enjoyed a 20+ year friendship with Christopher Augmon. He's a humanitarian, entrepreneur, human rights advocate and man of God. Christopher connects and adds value wherever he is. My concierge experience was informative and sincere. Christopher asked appropriate questions and made excellent recommendations. Please schedule a concierge meeting, you will not be disappointed!

Maurice and Laurie Debonnett, MD


"I was so impressed with the care he took on each of his products for his clients, that I became a client of his as well. Christopher design a custom pendant and leather watch band. The custom design process went smoothly. I love these pieces!" 

Carin Camen
Carin Camen Consulting LLC