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Welcome to Christopher Augmon

The Augmon Collection is a premiere luxury brand selling women's products using only the rarest and most elegant of materials.

TREND - Fashion University by Christopher Augmon


February 24, 2014

TREND FASHION UNIVERSITY…. Chapter 1…Introduction to Fashion.. by Christopher Augmon – Fashion Designer Teacher. Class 101. Accessories can be the extension of a women’s personality, attitude, spirituality or a conversation piece for just plan fun. Not wearing accessories when you go out or even go to work is a like a car without wheels, trim or chrome; a house without window treatments or a gourmet dish without garnish…….As we mature, our pallets for food, music, art, architecture, education, culture and fashion hopefully get more defined and we learn who we are and what we like. We are all unique. I am going to help you discover your fashion identity. An accessory can be an unspoken extension of who you are,...

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Christopher Augmon Featured on Michigan Avenue

March 01, 2013

Read Michigan Avenue's latest article on Christopher Augmon, highlighting his influence as a designer in Chicago.

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